Instructor “Sensei” Biography

Tim Amey, Jr. Sensei of EKKC

Amey Sensei started his formal Martial Arts training, while attending College at California State University Fresno, practicing at the West Fresno Shotokan Martial Arts Academy in Fresno, California.

After College, Tim spent 14 years in the Military (U.S. Army) as a Senior Operations Officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Prime Power Battalion (WHCA). During this time, Tim practiced mixed martial arts (both formally and informally) with various representatives of different National Combat Organizations.

Later, Tim practiced and studied Kobyashi Shorin-ryu under Domingo Llanos (5th Dan) and Michael Pulsinelli (3rd Dan) at the Riegelsville Karate-Do Martial Arts Training School in Riegelsville, WA.

In June 2005, Tim moved to Washington State where he has since been studying and practicing Shorinryu Kenshin-Kan Karate-do at the NW Budokan Dojo in Everett, WA, under Sensei Jay Gravelle.

Amey Sensei is well versed in tournament sparring, ground fighting, tuite (joint locks/ submission), and traditional Okinawan weapons. He teaches both kata (forms) and real life application of many traditional weapons:

He assists the Western Region Federation Director, John Shipes,in instruction of Law Enforcement Techniques.  Currently Amey Sensei is proud to be the only Student of the Federation in the Northwest region to hold Black Belts in all aspects of Traditional Okinawan Training:

  • Karate- 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Kobudo (Traditional Okinawan Weaponry) – 3rd Degree Black
  •  Tuite (joint locks)- 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Certified Instructor – Karate
  • Certified Instructor – Kobudo
  • Certified Instructor – Tuite
  •  International Law Enforcement Instruction

He teaches self defense seminars as well as formal classes throughout the United States.

Tim is a Network/ Physical Security Consultant for Government and Private IT/ Telecommunications Organizations.  His background includes teaching both children and adults throughout the world.